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{August 2, 2010}   Sunglasses, Shades, and Sunnies

I have an obsession with sunglasses since seeing Nicole Richie wear them.  Although I think that hers look like the Fly, I fell in love.  I cannot deny myself a pair of good fashionable sunglasses.

I really want a round pair of Chanel sunglasses and am always on the hunt for them at my favorite resale shops.  As a woman with champagne tastes and beer money, this is where I get labels that I want a cannot afford.  I admittedly a label whore.  I have no shame in it.  Also, I have had my two boys break many of my sunglasses.  So, if they are ruined, at least I know that I am not out of alot of money.

I own about 10 pair.  Maybe more. And, I still plan to go shopping for some on tomorrow.  I saw some cute Cynthia Rowley’s, and I hope that they are still there.

Back to the ones I wear the most.

1.  Versace.  I have a brown pair of Versace’s that I wear almost everyday.  They go with everything and fit my face perfectly.  The label is not emblazoned on them.  There’s a little lion head on each arm.  Pure class.  I paid $45 for them at my favorite resale shop.

2.  Chanel.  Everyone was coveting the glasses with the mother-of-pearl double C’s.  I had to have them, but $75 was a bit much for me.  I have never, ever spent that much money on any one item especially sunglasses.  Needless to say, I bought them.  I couldn’t find a used pair anywhere else that was less than $100.  Luckily for me, I have a very understanding husband.

3.  Michael Kors.  There is no way that I can have a conversation about anything fashion without mentioning my favorite designer.  I own two pair of his sunglasses and spent very little on them.  Thank God for Stein Mart and Marshall’s. 

My sunglasses are in constant rotation.  I buy them anytime of the year because it’s always sunny and warm here in the great state of  Texas.  I never stop wearing them.  I choose a style based on my mood and what I’m wearing.  If I ever get indecisive, I throw on my Versaces. 

Sunglasses for me are just another accessory like handbags and shoes.  My outfit is not complete without it.  This summer, I was determined not to wear jeans (which I live in).  My go to look is a colorful t-shirt, skirt, sandals or flip flops, handbag, and sunglasses. 

Next time, I hope to have pictures posted of my favorite handbags directly from my closet and my favorite sunglasses.  My laptop does not have one of those SD card readers so I have to figure out how to put them on the blog.   This is why the handbag blog was so late.  I wrote it a week ago, but I am having picture issues.

My next blog will be about  jewelry.  I think that you will be surprised about what you read.


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