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{July 14, 2010}   Hello world!

Even though I am a wife, mother, and teacher, I am also a lover of all things fashion.  I always liked clothing but started to dress a little frumpy after having my son and becoming a teacher.  That’s what I thought that I had to dress like because I was now a mother and a teacher.  I had to be responsible.

Well, that all changed when my husband and mother-in-law told me that I used to dress much better, and I was starting to look like a “teacher”.  I didn’t know what they meant at first.  I didn’t wear those cutesy teacher shirts.  I didn’t wear “comfortable shoes”.  However, I did take a long look at the mirror.  I looked frumpy.  I didn’t like it.  I wondered how and when I had lost my mojo.

My mother had always dressed nice and was well-groomed.  I was just like her.  I dressed a little differently than my friends in high school.  One of my basketball teammates called me a “fashion plate”, and she didn’t mean it in a nice way.  Well, there was no way that anyone would EVER catch me wearing sweatpants, hammer pants, or tennis shoes.  Sweatpants and tennis shoes were for gym, not wearing to class.  Do I really need to explain the hammer pants.

This is my personal blog to let anyone who cares to read it why I refuse to ever dress frumpy again, and how I got my mojo back.

Tomorrow-my fashion icons and why I covet their style.


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