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{July 18, 2010}   My Favorite Designers

With so many designers, how can a woman choose just one?  Truth be told, I am not loyal to any one designer.  I will buy anything from Target brand to big name designers.  What I wear depends on my mood and what I am doing for the day.  Money counts, too.

So, I paired down to four that I like. 

1.  Christian Dior.  Let me preface this by saying that I cannot afford one thing from Christian Dior, but who can argue that they make and design glamorous gowns.  John Galliano is a fashion genius, and I can’t get enough of him.  One thing that I can say is that I do own a vintage Dior cardigan and a pair of vintage sunglasses.  How can I get those on a teacher’s budget?  Well, that will come later when I reveal how to I get luxury items on my beer budget.

2.  Marchesa.  Fantasy gowns.  Georgina Chapman has done an amazing line, and these dresses are seen regularly on the red carpet.  I want to renew my vows with my husband, and my dream dress is a Marchesa.  I wore the Cinderella dress at the age of 23 when I married.  As a woman with a husband, two children, and a career, I will definitely wear something different.

3.  Ralph Lauren.  As I have written many times, I love classic, American style.  No one can argue that the Ralph Lauren collection epitomizes this.  I love everything about Ralph Lauren because the clothes can be used as a jumping off point to either dress up or dress down.  I choose RL over Brooks Brothers any day because it’s not as conservative.

4.  Michael Kors.  I saved the best for last.  Michael Kors is my favorite designer ever.  I own so much of his stuff and have been wearing it since before he was on Project Runway.  He is very much my aesthetic-classic American style with a twist.  Right now, as I type this, I am wearing a pink MK blouse.  My husband thinks that I may be single-handedly funding his empire.  I own clothes, shoes, jeans, sunglasses, and handbags.  I can’t get enough and am always on the hunt for anything MK.

Michael Kors deserved the Lifetime Achievement Award for the 2010 Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Next time, my obsession with handbags and my favorite handbag blogs. 


{July 15, 2010}   My Style Inspirations

I’m back, as promised, to talk about my style inspirations and icons.

Basically, I read Isaac Mizrahi’s book on how to find your style.  My wonderful husband happened to meet him at the Mall of America where he was signing his book.  He stood in line (the only man) and got him to autograph the book and take a picture.  Boy, was I jealous.  I love my husband for doing that for me, but I digress.

The book really helped me, especially the part about making a bulletin board with whatever inspires you.  It’s a must read.

I get my inspiration from any and everything.  My board has grosgrain ribbons because I just love clean, classic American style.  There’s a picture of me in college in my favorite outfit.  There were also pictures of Dorothy Dandridge, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, and Marlene Deitrich.  Many, many other things are on there, and my board may change, but the basic premise remains the same.  I have discovered that I like classic dressing with a twist.

Now, my style icons.  I have discovered that I gravitate towards these four women:

1.  Halle Berry.  I had hair to my shoulders until the first time that I saw her.  Then, I cut my hair because I fell in love with her ‘do.  The cut was fun and sassy which pretty much describes me to a T.  She has great casual style and is stunning on the red carpet.

2.  Giovanna Battaglia.  Even though I am a fan of American style, I love the editor of L’Uomo Vogue. This woman has style oozing out of every pore.  The first time I laid eyes on her was on one of my favorite blogs-The Sartorialist.  She dresses really simple, but jazzes up her outfit with her accessories.  I live and breathe belts, shoes, and handbags. 

3.  Jennifer Aniston.  If anyone embodies American style, it’s Jennifer Aniston.  She is always flawless, and it doesn’t matter if she’s casual or dressed up.  For me, she never goes wrong.  Jennifer knows what works on her body and sticks to it.  And, she has a banging body.

4.  Kim Kardashian.  I know.  I know.  But I had to include her.  For so long, society has led us to believe that thin was the only way to be.  Then the next thing you know, here comes Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim showing us to embrace our bodies.  Women have boobs, buns, thighs, and hips, and you know what, that’s okay.   I have all of these things.  Instead of killing myself to fit into a size 2, I eventually learned to embrace my body.  I eat right and try to exercise three days a week.  Aside from her body type, I love that Kim doesn’t go anywhere (including the gym) without being groomed within an inch of her life, and she makes no apologies for it.  She reminds me of my mother who would not allow us or herself to leave the house looking anything less than our best.

This is it for today.  I shared with you my style inspiration and my style icons.  Tomorrow, I will share my favorite designers.  You will be surprised.  It’s definitely an eclectic mix.



{July 14, 2010}   Hello world!

Even though I am a wife, mother, and teacher, I am also a lover of all things fashion.  I always liked clothing but started to dress a little frumpy after having my son and becoming a teacher.  That’s what I thought that I had to dress like because I was now a mother and a teacher.  I had to be responsible.

Well, that all changed when my husband and mother-in-law told me that I used to dress much better, and I was starting to look like a “teacher”.  I didn’t know what they meant at first.  I didn’t wear those cutesy teacher shirts.  I didn’t wear “comfortable shoes”.  However, I did take a long look at the mirror.  I looked frumpy.  I didn’t like it.  I wondered how and when I had lost my mojo.

My mother had always dressed nice and was well-groomed.  I was just like her.  I dressed a little differently than my friends in high school.  One of my basketball teammates called me a “fashion plate”, and she didn’t mean it in a nice way.  Well, there was no way that anyone would EVER catch me wearing sweatpants, hammer pants, or tennis shoes.  Sweatpants and tennis shoes were for gym, not wearing to class.  Do I really need to explain the hammer pants.

This is my personal blog to let anyone who cares to read it why I refuse to ever dress frumpy again, and how I got my mojo back.

Tomorrow-my fashion icons and why I covet their style.

et cetera